Discover lashes and brows that feel soft as silk.

Ultimate Lift

Includes lash lifting treatment and lash tinting for added definition.


Wow Brow

Includes brow lamination, waxing, and a brow defining tint.


Double the Glamour

Includes Ultimate Lift and Wow Brow.


We’ve partnered with BorboletaPro, the industry’s premiere lash lift and brow lamination system. Treat your lashes and brows to a hydrolized silk formula that infuses protein into the hair shaft and wraps it in moisture and a glossy shine. Vitamin B3, Cocoa Butter and Panthenol add strength and lock in moisture that prevents hair from becoming brittle. Strengthen and hydrate while you lift.

Ideal Guests

  • Curl their lashes regularly
  • Have extra straight, curly or unruly lashes
  • Have an active lifestyle
  • Prefer low-maintenance services
  • Like an eye-opening look
  • Want to emphasize their natural lashes (especially those who use Lash Serum)
  • Are sensitized to lash extensions or prefer a less dramatic look