Nails, Manicures & Pedicures

Rejuvenate your hands and feet, fingers and toes with our soothing nail treatments.

If you prefer a private setting for pedicures, our Red Room is available upon request.

Spa Pedicure

Begin the treatment with a soothing foot soak to soften your skin. Nails are then groomed, feet and legs are massaged with a deep moisturizing lotion and polish is applied.

45 Minutes$54 

Spa Manicure

After a gentle soak, nails are groomed, skin is massaged with lotion and polish is applied.

30 Minutes$42 

Tropical Pedicure

Escape to the islands with the aromas of oranges, coconut and lime. With alternating hot and cold treatments. You will receive a tropical sugar scrub to buff the feet, preparing them for freshly squeezed oranges, then wrapped in warm towels. Ending with a soothing massage which will make this a perfect getaway.

60 Minutes$71 

Tropical Manicure

The aroma of the islands will envelope you with a sugar scrub to help restore skin. Along with a relaxing coconut and lime scented massage, we will have you feeling like it’s margarita time.

45 Minutes$60 

Green & White Tea Pedicure

A relaxing and revitalizing mixture of antioxidant green and white tea. Offers a green tea scrub to rejuvenate the feet, a white tea mask wrapped in steamy towels to draw out toxins and followed by a white tea massage. Great for repairing and protecting the skin.

60 Minutes$81 

Green & White Tea Manicure

Protects and repairs with the antioxidant benefits of tea. Rejuvenate skin with the green tea scrub and a paraffin treatment to follow. Ending with a white tea hand repairing massage.

45 Minutes$65 

Mint Chocolate Pedicure

Indulge in this tasty treat with a minty scrub to cool and refresh. Then a mouth watering mint chocolate mask to regenerate the skin with minerals, wrapped in warm towels. End this sweetness with a chocolate scented massage.

60 Minutes$81 

Mint Chocolate Manicure

Surrender to the temptation of chocolate with a cooling minty scrub to revitalize hands. Along with a moisturizing paraffin treatment and ending with a yummy chocolate scented massage that’s protein enriched to help heal dry skin. Sealed with a Hershey kiss.

45 Minutes$65 

Peppermint Pedicure

Awaken tired feet with the cooling effects of peppermint. A cool and invigorating scrub will leave you anxiously awaiting the ice cooling gel with Aloe Vera to rejuvenate aching feet and legs, with paraffin to warm you up. Then top it off with a refreshing massage which will have you feeling like you’re walking on peppermint clouds.

60 Minutes$81 

Peppermint Manicure

Cool down those over worked hands with an icy awakening scrub to soften tired hands. Then soothe with a warm paraffin treatment and end with a refreshing minty massage. Will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

45 Minutes$65 

Citrus & Honey Pedicure

Soak your feet in a lavish citrus bath made with fresh orange slices. The natural acids will exfoliate your feet and legs while covering them with an invigorating citrus smell. Included in this pedicure is exfoliation with our organic sugar scrub, ending with a warm paraffin mask.

75 Minutes$81 

Citrus & Honey Manicure

Pamper your nails with this fruity treat. Your hands will be rejuvenated with our organic sugar scrub, massaged with citrus lotion and ending with a warm paraffin mask.

45 Minutes$65 

Fiji Guava Pedicure

Enjoy your Fiji Island trip with a hydrating coconut-guava milk soak to nourish and rehydrate dry skin, improve elasticity provide antioxidants that shield against free-radical damage. Followed with an exfoliating guava sugar rub which will gently but thoroughly remove unwanted and dried skin cells. Next, the guava body butter is massaged into the skin with a nourishing formula to seal in moisture and wrapped with a soothing warm towel to aid in maximum hydration for the skin. Pedicure is then completed with applying guava lotion and hydrating mist.

90 Minutes$76 

Fiji Guava Manicure

Take a trip to the Fiji Islands as we trim & shape the nails followed by detailed cuticle work. Then, we’ll exfoliate with a guava sugar rub to remove unwanted and dried skin cells to leave your skin soft and refreshed. We’ll end with a relaxing guava scented massage to have you feeling like you’re truly in Fiji!

60 Minutes$71 

Express Services

In a hurry? Try our express services which include clipping, filing, buffing and light cuticle care, ending off with a clean and clear polish application.

Pedicures (20 Minutes)$38 
Manicures (20 Minutes)$27 


Shellac Manicure Soak-Off/Reapply$60 
Shellac Manicure$54 
Shellac Polish Add-On$17 
Shellac Removal & Reapply$33 

Nail art and glitter prices by consultation.

Acrylic, Dip & Hard Gel

Full Set Acrylics$65+
Full Set Hard Gel$76+
Full Set Pink & White$76+
Full Set Dip$54 
Rebalance Acrylic$38+
Rebalance Hard Gel$44+
Rebalance Pink & White$44+
Acrylic or Dip Removal$27 

À La Carte

Polish Change (Feet)$22 
Polish Change (Hands)$17 
French Nails (Feet or Hands)$9 
Paraffin Wax (Feet or Hands)$22 

Rejuvenate your nails.