Aveda Botanical Repair bottle

Your Hair Needs Beauty Rest

Repair and Restore Your Strands While You Sleep

By Kendall Farr

Imagine going to sleep and waking up with glowing strands free of split ends. The good news: it’s not a dream. And it doesn’t require a complicated treatment. It’s made possible by Botanical Repair™strengthening overnight serum – a lightweight and fast absorbing serum formulated to deliver strengthened strands after just one use.  

Just like your skin, your hair needs beauty sleep to maintain the essentials of healthy strands – shine, condition, and strength. This means vital nighttime repair from stressors like pollution, UV exposure, and heat styling that can leave your hair feeling dry, brittle, and unmanageable. 

Using cutting-edge botanical research, Aveda’s scientists developed a unique, silicone free, plant-based molecule that penetrates deep into the hair cortex, building brand new hydrogen bonds that strengthen it from the inside out.  

So, what are hair bonds, anyway? They are the strong, fibrous keratin that make up your hair strands and primarily contribute to your hair’s overall strength. They’re easily broken by factors like heat, physical styling, chemical treatments, sun, and pollution. Strengthening overnight serum helps to build brand new bonds for healthier-looking hair that’s stronger and more resilient. The serum formulation is powered by nangai oil, a superstar plant oil that helps put damaged strands back together, reducing the look of split ends by 84 percent. A blend of organic avocado oil, green tea, and sacha inchi seed oils deliver even more nourishment to the hair cortex.  And a protective, 100 percent vegan bio-shield complex made from corn and coconut extracts helps to strengthen, repair, and protect the hair by creating a botanical F layer, the outer layer that gives strands their slip and shine. The serum provides wrap around protection against future damage and better yet, can also be applied during the day for instant spilt end repair.  

For optimal results, Aveda strengthening overnight serum should be used as a part of the complete Botanical Repair system. From wash day to overnight restoration, here’s a complete repair regimen.  

Your 24-hour hair repair ritual

For optimal results, strengthening overnight serum should be used in conjunction with the complete Botanical repair hair care system including masques. From wash day to overnight restoration, here’s a complete botanical repair regimen: 


STEP 1: On wash day, cleanse and condition with botanical repair strengthening shampoo and conditioner.  

STEP 2: For biweekly nourishment, further repair and restore stressed strands with an application of botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: light or rich.  

STEP 3: Finish by locking in even more nourishment with botanical repair strengthening leave-in conditioner.  No rinse needed! 

BONUS:  91 percent of women reported shortened styling time in the morning.  


STEP 4: In the evenings, apply botanical repair strengthening repair overnight serum to lengths and ends before bed.  

Formulated for as frequent as daily use, safe for color treated hair and hair extensions, the Botanical Repair system offers an effective and easy remedy for hair in need of TLC. Consult with your stylist to develop your best repair routine based on whether your hair is damaged, dry or both.